Kaye Hazel

Angel Medicine for the Soul

Is your past holding your happiness hostage?

As a soul nurturer, I’m here to empower and support you to recognise and release emotional pain that is holding you back from living the life you desire. When we release the pain from our past, we are free to find the dream in our heart, to follow our joy and fulfil our soul’s purpose. I want you to create a life you love, a life free from emotional suffering.

Like many transformational teachers, I’ve experienced great loss and trauma in my life, most of which was in the first seventeen years of my life. Among these traumas was the death of both my parents before my tenth birthday, abuse, an intention to suicide and leaving home the day I finished school.

While these were big struggles for a sensitive soul and for someone so young, most of my suffering came later in life, when the emotional pain stemming from my childhood tormented me. It wouldn’t go away, it just got louder and stronger. I couldn’t accept what had happened to me. I judged my childhood as wrong and unfair, and I believed I had to make it right. I accepted this judgement as my truth.

I thought I needed to fix things. In essence, I was trying to change the past. And when I couldn’t fix it, I turned my attention towards myself and tried to fix me. I believed I was broken.

It wasn’t until I was again willing to leave this earth, that I surrendered and in that surrender, I set in place a series of events which eventually led to a magical turn-around in my life.

I released the blame, resentment and anger about my childhood abuse and my feelings of guilt and shame, and the regret I had for not speaking up earlier.

I finally grieved for the father I never knew, fifty years after he died.

A few months after this, I grieved for my mum after I manifested the need for a hysterectomy, the same surgery that had lead to her death forty-three years previously.

What I learned on my journey is that when we bury our feelings alive, they never die. We imprison them in our body where they stay, rattling the gates begging for release. They grow in number, get stronger and louder, and start to take over our lives. They’ll haunt us until we let them out, until we feel them.

Many of us are weighed down by a huge emotional burden from our childhood. Whether that was the loss of a parent, having to take on responsibilities for others from a young age, an emotionally absent or needy parent, sexual abuse, bullying or difficult times at school. These dramas lead us to act in a particular way so as to feel safe or to have our needs met. We form beliefs about how life works and many of these beliefs still run our lives. But are they still keeping us safe or are they distancing us from our joy and limiting our potential?

My journey was perfect for me despite it being arduous and painful. It is my sincere wish that others don’t suffer as I did. I truly believe we don’t need to suffer to fulfil our soul’s purpose in this life. Life is meant to be a wondrous adventure.

It is now my passion and my purpose to empower and support others to love and respect themselves and others, to find freedom from their suffering through uncovering and releasing hidden emotions and beliefs that hold them hostage, so they can shine their light in the world.

Angel Medicine

We are all intuitive! Strengthening the connection to our intuition and to the spiritual realms and trusting this connection, knowing we are guided and supported every step along our journey allows us to believe in ourselves, to have confidence in our decision making ability and to feel safe to stand in the power of who we are.

Soul Nurturing

Self Care for the Soul! Raising our energetic frequency allows more joy and abundance to flow to us and supports our connection to our inner knowing, our inner teacher, and to the spiritual realms. This allows us to trust more in life and to feel safe in the freedom of flow. When we allow our emotions to flow through us, we are allowing ourselves to heal.

Finding Joy

When we give ourselves permission to grieve, permission to feel whatever we’re feeling, we free ourselves from our emotional pain and suffering. Through uncovering and releasing suppressed or hidden emotions and beliefs from our body, we’re more able to connect to our joy. When we follow our joy, we find our passion and that is where we find our purpose.

Unexpressed Grief

If you lost a parent when you were a child and haven’t fully grieved, it is likely you have trapped emotional pain in your body. These emotions disrupt the flow of energy through our body and impact our health. When we experience other losses throughout our life, not only the loss of loved ones, but losses of relationships, jobs, finances, status, health or identity, the burden of pain and suffering grows.