Finding My Joy

I plummeted to my rock bottom in the dying months of 2007.

I’d had enough of living with an aching body, of poor sleep and headaches, of frequent migraines and daily episodes of palpitations and chest pain. I was struggling to find the energy to suppress the ever-present feelings of sadness, anger, guilt and fear. Feelings I didn’t want to look at. I tried to ignore them. They didn’t go away. I pushed them away. They came back. The deeper I stuffed them down, the more forceful they bounced back up. They haunted me. Denying, ignoring, judging and criticising them wouldn’t make them leave. Post traumatic stress hung over me, although I refused to have it diagnosed.

Enough was enough. I prayed to the Universe for an end to my suffering. In my mind, this meant I would leave this earth. I wanted to die. I was ready.

Instead, my prayer was answered in the form of an angel. An angel in human form. An angel called Joy. The Universe has a great sense of humour, doesn’t it. I was depressed and they sent me someone called Joy.

Joy shined her light for me when I was consumed by darkness. Week by week, month by month, inch by inch, the cloud of depression that clung to me like cling wrap distorting my view of the world started to clear.

Fast forward ten years and an interesting story I promise to finish writing one day, I’m now shining my own light, walking my own path with curiosity and following my life’s purpose.

I’m passionate about helping people find their joy. I don’t mean the exciting exhilaration that bursts into moments of our life, hypes us up then leaves us feeling deflated and in search of our next high. I’m talking about the sense of wellness and contentment that nurtures our soul and fills our heart. I believe this state of joy, of peace, of contentment or whatever name you call it, can be found inside all of us, we’re just disconnected from it. I want to help you reconnect. I love guiding and supporting others to tap into their own inner well of contentment and live a fulfilling life.

I’m a teacher, mentor and practitioner of energy medicine. I’d love to share with you how I journeyed from stressed and depressed and wanting to die, to recognising and reconnecting to the joy in my heart. Processes that worked for me, tools I gathered along my journey, advice from my guides and mentors, wisdom I wish I had known earlier, and the support I so desperately needed when I was in the midst of my darkness.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is that we don’t need to do everything on our own. Yes, we are responsible for ourselves, for our thoughts, our actions and our energy yet we are never alone. I reached out to healers and mentors in the physical world and to angels and guides in the non-physical or spiritual realm. You can too. Through tapping into the wisdom and support of others, you can fast track your transformation.

If you’re curious about the possibilities that life holds for you, if you’re ready to refresh your life and reconnect to your joy and purpose, I invite you to join me on this crazy adventure we call life. I would love the honour of guiding and supporting you in creating and living an amazing life. Everyone deserves to love their life. It fills my heart to watch others find peace and live passionately. It’s possible and you deserve it.