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Daffodil: Share the message of love

Rivers of love flow within you, and others may benefit from this healing energy. Be mindful of each word that passes your lips.

Words have energy. Choose your words carefully. Allow love and compassion to flow through you and land when they are needed. Your loving words can support others in their day to day life, as well as those on their healing journey. When you have a high vibration, you will automatically choose loving words and this uplifts you as well as others. They will feel more relaxed, calm and less threatened.

This also refers to your inner self and how you speak to yourself. When we’re kind and loving to ourselves, we lift our vibration and that of others around us. Every morning before you get out of bed, remind yourself how magnificent you are. When you look in the mirror, tell the person looking back at you how much you love them. Look into your eyes and say, “I love you.” Speak your name and send love to yourself. And do this many times throughout the day.

Give others the gift of you, the gift of your love. Your gentle loving words hold healing energy. Love heals. Shine your light and be a role model for others to follow, to live from their heart and find their joy. Love is the doorway to the Universe. In spiritual truth, only love is real. Share your love, share your joy.

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Gerbera / African Daisy: Balanced Friendships

Your friendships work best when there’s an equal share of giving and receiving.

Are you an over-giver? We need to allow ourselves to receive as much as we give, in order to live a balanced life. If you feel fulfilled knowing you are supporting others, it’s likely others will feel the same way. Are you denying others the feeling of contentment because you’re not allowing yourself to receive? Are you denying them the opportunity to support you because you’re not reaching out and asking for support when you need it? We all need balanced friendships in our lives.

Look at your relationships and ask yourself if they are nurturing or if they’re draining or tiring? Be honest with yourself during this self-inquiry. What energy are you bringing to each of your relationships? Is there a fair exchange of nurturing support given and received? Do you have any friendships that drain your energy because you’re over-giving? Is there anyone in your life who is taking advantage of your generous, giving nature?

Think about how you can change the dynamics of these relationships. You may need to set some boundaries around certain friendships. First, look after your own energy. There may be some relationships you need to let go of.

Lavender: Let go of anxiety

Calm your nerves and you’ll be able to hear the voices of your angels.

Spend time alone, in your quiet space or in nature and tap into your inner guidance, allow yourself to hear the angels who are speaking to you all the time. They speak using symbols, not always words. Notice the signs and symbols they are leaving for you. Be curious as to the meanings of these signs. Delve deeper and keep asking for more signs if you need clarification.

Angels have a calming influence on you. As does lavender. Surround yourself with lavender flowers or scent. Use lavender essential oil in aromatherapy, diffused in the air or through a massage. Or simply focus on a picture of the flowers. Lavender has calming and healing properties and helps shift your mind and body into a relaxed state. Shut out the noise and stress of your world, breathe in the aroma of lavender, and listen to the voices of your angels. You are supported. Be present in the now.

When you let go of anxiety and are calm and relaxed, you’ll be able to experience a deeper connection with your angels and tap into your inner knowing and receive the answers you need to step forward on your soul’s path. Let go of fear-based thoughts and worries and release any tension from your body. Relax and know you are supported.

For this week’s reading, I used the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves.