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Creative Project and Joy

Your soul longs to express itself in creative ways. We’re guiding you to infuse artistry and creativity into your life. Creative expression makes you feel alive and excited, and reignites passion towards your life.

Joy is the highest energy of all. It’s the magical sense that everything is possible. Joy springs from appreciating the gifts within each moment. Joy allows you to attract and create your present and future moments at their highest possible levels.

How are you expressing yourself creatively in your daily life? You can add your touch of creativity to almost everything you do, you don’t have to consider yourself an artist to be creative. You can express yourself in creative ways through how you present yourself such as in your clothes, accessories or hair; expressing your thoughts through words written or verbal, or through music; creating expressions of you through preparing and presenting food, whether that’s with love and comfort or adventure an intrigue; through a hobby like photography or simply by making something, whether it is some sort of arts and craft, building a planter stand, growing a garden or arranging the pillows on our bed, and décor items in your home.

When we’re doing something we love, we put ourselves in the flow and can easily lose track of time. We’re in the zone. We’re present in the moment. We’re mindful. Meditative. We’re joyful and this raises our vibration and sends an energetic order to the Universe for more of the same. We attract more joyful moments, we’re open to receiving guidance from the Universe, we gain clarity and we’re able to make better decisions.

Our souls are naturally creative. You are naturally creative, whether you recognise that in yourself or not. What can you do this week, to acknowledge your creativity and nurture your soul through expressing yourself in a creative way?

How can you bring moments of joy into your awareness? Those moments, of seeing the first rays of golden light heralding the start of another day, the excitement in your child’s eyes as they see presents under the Christmas tree, the love in your pet’s eyes as they look deep into yours, or the unfolding of a rose from bud to full bloom. It’s these moments, that touch you deep inside, and fill your heart with joy. Are you allowing joy to unfold in your life? Are you recognising the magical moments in your day that remind you that everything is possible? When we recognise the joy in our lives, and express our appreciation and gratitude for these moments, however fleeting the moments may be, we are nurturing our soul.

Raising our energetic frequency, through creative expression and filling our hearts with gratitude for what we already have in our lives, supports our soul on its journey through this life. If you want to find out more about raising your vibration and supporting your life’s journey, grab a copy of my Top 5 Tips to Raise Your Vibration mini ebook.

This week’s messages were supported by Daily Guidance from Your Angels oracle cards.

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