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Supporting your energy at this time of year

Can you feel the push in the air at this time of the year leading up to Christmas?

People out and about, rushing from place to place, bustling among the crowds for more and more Christmas purchases, tempers charged, financial pressure, family dramas, expectations, excitement, crowds, Christmas parties, wanting to find that one special gift, searching for that last minute Christmas necessity, unpleasant weather conditions. Where I live in Australia, it’s generally uncomfortably hot and humid, while in other parts of the world, it can be the other extreme of cold and snow.

All this turmoil and quickening of the energy affects most people, and especially those of us who are sensitive to energy. We take on energy from the collective, we feel contracted, depleted, on edge or extra emotional. We find ourselves arguing with our spouses and children, because they’re feeling the energy shift as well. We feel mentally or physically exhausted and may even neglect our self care and be less compassionate with ourselves and others. The energetic frequency we broadcast to the world, i.e. our vibration can take a nosedive.

We come home from a few hours shopping and we feel ugh. Sore feet, drained, exhausted, disappointed at what we didn’t get done, the amount of money we spent, or that present we should have bought. We feel unclean, like we need to shower to wash off the energy that feels sticky and foreign. When we’re around crowds of people, our energies mix with each other, we take on other people’s energy or emotions and we’re left feeling depleted or exhausted energetically. Not only have we given our energy away, we’ve brought home the energy of those we encountered during our shopping experience – the collective energy.

My coping preference for this time of the year is to stay home where I feel safe, but even then, I feel the collective energy pushing and pulling at me. I know I need to be extra committed with doing my daily energy practice of grounding and clearing my energy field, and to make sure I scheduled time for me to unplug and to get adequate sleep. I need to make sure my energy vibration remains high. Because our energy fluctuates all the time, this requires a daily practice.

If you can’t hide away at home, here are some tips for supporting your energy when you need to be among crowds.

  • Before you leave home, clear your energy field and ground yourself by feeling connected to the earth or imagining / visualising your feet being heavy on the ground or roots coming out the soles of your feet and hooking deep into the centre of the earth. You can clear your energy field by clearing and balancing your chakras. You can also pull your aura in close to your body. You just need to hold the intention of doing this and if you can, visualise it coming in close to you. If you can’t visualise it, don’t worry, just imagine what it would look and feel like. It’ll still work for you if you have a clear intention.
  • Add protection, such as surrounding yourself in a protective slippery bubble of light. Imagine stepping into an egg of armour all around you. Make the light whatever colour you are drawn to on the day, or if in doubt, choose blue for it’s calming and protective qualities. This bubble of light is slippery on the outside and impenetrable by anything that is not of high vibration. So you allow the energies of love and joy and compassion, to flow in and out. Lower vibrating energies slide off the bubble and can’t reach you. If you know you’re going into a particularly toxic environment, you can double shield yourself. Step into your first bubble of light (it might be pink for compassion and love for yourself), then add a second bubble which could be a heavy steel suit of armour, or a mirror where the energies are reflected back to those who send it your way. This protection bubble only lasts a few hours, up to 10 or 12 hours, so needs to be applied frequently.
  • Another way to feel protected is to ask Archangel Michael to protect you by surrounding you with a shield of protection or to walk with you and stand between you and any person who is attacking or depleting your energy.
  • Most of our energy exchange with others, occurs through our centre of power, our solar plexus. Our solar plexus is continually scanning our environment for what is harmful, leaving it vulnerable to energy exchange. When you’re in a crowd, shield your solar plexus with your arms, or your handbag. You can have a protection crystal or talisman, such as a Feng Shui evil eye amulet or key chain in your handbag. Protective crystals include black tourmaline or obsidian, amethyst or smoky quartz.
  • When you’re among a crowd, walk at a different pace to others, so you’re not synchronising with the energy. You can walk slower or faster so you’re not falling into the same rhythm or frequency of others.
  • Use a vibrational essence mist and spritz this around yourself to cleanse your aura, as often as you feel you need it. You can make your own mist, by adding a clear or smoky quartz (or other crystal) to a spray bottle, fill with filtered water and let sit overnight. Alternatively, add Pink Himalayan salt to a bottle of filtered water and spritz around yourself (avoid spraying on your computer or anything that may be affected by salt) or make your own vibrational essence mist. I make my own Angel Medicine Mists using vibrational essences (e.g. using flower, shell, crystal or angel essences) and essential oils (I mainly use rose or lavender oil). I always have a spritz bottle in my handbag, and a few around my home.
  • If you feel exhausted or depleted when you come home, or you feel frustrated, angry or on edge, and feel like you’ve picked up some murky energies, take a shower as soon as you can, or have a Himalayan Salt bath, or spritz yourself with your salt, vibrational or crystal mist.
  • Keeping your surroundings tidy and clean supports your nervous system. Whether that is your desk, your office, rooms in your home where you spend the most time, or ideally, your whole home, you’re less likely to get overwhelmed from the energy outside your home when your immediate surroundings are free from clutter or mess.

Enjoy this festive season while maintaining a high vibration. If you want to read more tips about raising your vibration, so you can feel clear, connected and content, grab a copy of my Top 5 Tips to Raise Your Vibration. Feel free to follow me at Kaye Hazel on Facebook or join in the conversation in my closed (and free!) Facebook group, Angel Medicine.