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Family and Relationships

Angel Guidance for this week focuses on family and relationships as we count down to Christmas.

Your primary relationship is with yourself. Your relationship with yourself influences how you relate to others.

When you develop a relationship with your guides and angels, and feel safe and loved within, your other relationships will bloom and prosper.

When you love and accept yourself, and stand in the power of who you are, you shine your light for others to truly see you. This invites others to love and accept themselves, and created a foundation for healthy relationships. This might also be confronting for those who are not ready to love and accept themselves.

With the focus on family gatherings for many of us at Christmas, this can be a time of emotional upset.

We are triggered by our insecurities or by our emotional prisoners – those emotions we haven’t fully processed that we’ve been stuffing down in our body for years. Emotions of grief and sorrow, remembering our loved ones who don’t get to sit at the dinner table with us and share in the celebrations. Feelings of loneliness and a longing to connect with a loved one who is estranged, or not yet in our life. Be kind and gentle with yourself and allow yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling with honesty and without judgement. Take time out to nurture yourself and be with your feelings, without the need to fix or get over anything. Honour your feelings, nurture yourself, trust your heart and soul. Trust in the process of life, without trying to control anything, including your tears or your anger.

Some family members sure know how to push our buttons, don’t they?

I believe that’s their role, that we chose to incarnate in this lifetime together to remind each other of our souls’ purposes.

For many of us, family gatherings at Christmas trigger us and we can feel on edge, on the defensive or sick from worry, long before Christmas day arrives.

We’re triggered by long term family disharmony and jealousy, feelings of unworthiness, inadequacy or not measuring up to the standards we imagine other family members have set for us, potential for volatile disagreements, unmet expectations, underlying uneasiness fuelled by memories of past family gatherings. So many triggers!

My tips for enjoying family gatherings

Before you go out for the day, or before you meet with others, start with a clean slate – prepare yourself energetically and emotionally.


  • Set your intention for the day – hold the intention to experience only love.
  • Send love ahead of times to all those you’ll encounter on the day. Add the place or venue to your love list too.
  • Start from a place of high vibration.
  • Clear and balance your chakras and feel grounded in your body.
  • Protect your energy e.g. surround yourself in a bubble of blue light, or a shield of steel if you need heavy duty protection. Ask that only love or other high vibrational energy is able to penetrate the shield (in and out).
  • Surrender comparisons with others – focus on your strengths and power, and have compassion for yourself and others.
  • Notice your triggers without making yourself or anyone else wrong. If you notice you’ve been triggered, take a couple of deep breathes before you respond. Surround the other person or situation with calming blue light and call in the angels to diffuse things. To help you respond from a place of love and power, place your hand between your throat and heart and speak your truth in a non-confrontational manner with the aim of resolving any problem or stating your truth. Sometimes, the best response is to walk away, other times, it’s to have your say. However you respond is okay, don’t make yourself wrong or beat yourself up if the situation didn’t turnout as you would have liked. Just notice and love yourself through it. Be open to the gifts of healing and understanding that the situation brings, and allow yourself to feel peace.
  • Breathe and have a good time.