Feng Shui

When there is no wind, the air feels stifling and we may even have difficulty breathing. A still pond of water stagnates and doesn’t support life.

When the wind is gale force or cyclonic, it is destructive like crashing waves or waterfalls that erode surrounding beaches or rocks. Heavy rainfall can cause flooding and associated damage from too much water.

When there’s a gentle breeze around us or we’re near a meandering stream with a gentle flow of water, we feel relaxed. Safe. We can breathe easier.

There’s a goldilocks zone between too much and not enough where we feel comfortable, relaxed and supported.

Feng Shui is about creating this same balance in all areas of our life. Through the art of placement and acknowledging the flow of energy through our home, we can create a goldilocks flow of energy through our life. Just like a gentle breeze or a meandering stream supports life, the flow of energy through our home and the flow of emotions in, around and through our body supports our vitality and well-being.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui translates to wind (and) water. It recognises the movement of energy through our environment and our buildings, and how this affects the flow of energy through our body. It’s about harmonising universal life-force energy (represented by wind) with our physical environment (represented by water).

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system for arranging our environment so we are in harmony with life-force energies in nature. Its guiding principle is based on enhancing the flow of energy, or chi, through our physical surroundings to positively influence every aspect of our life.

It has been described as acupuncture for the home where elements are used instead of needles. As a design philosophy, it recognises a connection between our life and our environment. When we arrange our surroundings in accordance with Feng Shui principles, we create balance and harmony between us and our environment.

It’s not a religion, a cult, superstition or magic. You don’t have to believe in it, for it to be influencing your life.

Our homes are an extension of us.

What is your home saying about you, your health, your life?

If your front steps are broken and in need of repair, what area of your life is also in need of repair?

If you have have an over-abundance of stuff piling up in your home or garage, is this restricting room for new ideas, people or relationships to come into your life?

If you’re lacking wealth and abundance, check for clutter or stagnant energy in the South East area of your home, or in the South East corner of rooms you use frequently.

If you want better relationships, check the South West area of your rooms and your home.

Life-Force Energy

Chi or life-force energy flows through our home like a breeze wafting through our front door. The compass magnetics or direction of our front door influences the mood and flow of chi entering the home. As energy flows in and around our home, each area of the house is nurtured slightly differently. The chi slows down around solid objects like big pots or heavy furniture. It speeds up along long hallways or down staircases and it gets sucked down drains and toilets. It stagnates in corners or around clutter, is energised by healthy plants, bounces off and is magnified by mirrors.

Consider how a gentle breeze of life-force energy would waft through your home. The breeze comes in through the front door and wants to bring life to your home and support you.

Does your entry way welcome the breeze and support it as it flows through your home? If you have a mirror at the entry way, the energy of the breeze will be reflected back out the door. You may feel like you don’t attract new opportunities in life or new relationships, or your health may be adversely affected. Does the breeze of life-force energy flow in through your front door and straight out the back door or window? Do you feel you are missing opportunities or lacking meaning in your life, or do you lack vitality and always feel like you have no energy to do the things you love?

Feng Shui principles address these concerns and offer ‘cures’ to support the flow of life-force energy through your life.

Why Use Feng Shui?

Feng Shui works across different energy levels in and around our body, our home and on the planet. The chi or life-force energy in our bodies and in our homes is affected by the magnetic influences of the earth. Applying Feng Shui principles in our home alters the flow of life-force energy through the home. This results in altering the flow of life-force energy through our body. Everything is energy. Everything is connected.

Creating a balanced external environment supports a healthy internal environment. The flow of energy not only impacts our health and wealth, family and relationships and our work and play, it affects us on a very personal level. It impacts our emotions and attitudes. The energy surrounding us moves in and through our body via our subtle energy system of chakras and meridians. We can’t separate our internal environment from our external environment – there’s an osmotic exchange of energy. When energies are out of balance in our home, our body will not be at ease, and symptoms and disease will develop. A healthy and harmonious environment is essential for our health and well-being.

Feng Shui Schools

There are several levels, schools and applications of Feng Shui. Each has a different focus, yet they all have the same purpose of creating harmony between ourselves and the environment, with the purpose to promote peace and well-being.

Different schools or approaches include Form Feng Shui, Classical, Traditional or Compass Feng Shui, Flying Stars Feng Shui, Western or Black Hat Feng Shui. While each approach to Feng Shui has similarities, there are differences in focus and how the principles are applied. Likewise, within the same school, each consultant will focus on different aspects and bring their own personal touch and experience to their recommendations. While there are guiding principles, the power of intention and personal preference are important and need to be considered.

I use Flying Stars and Compass Feng Shui. I was taught to apply the bagua or energy map using compass directions, and to acknowledge the influence of the energy of the Flying Stars which visit a different bagua sector each year.

Manifesting with Feng Shui

My book, Manifesting with Feng Shui: How to use Feng Shui and Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams contains detailed information about the principles of Feng Shui, how to determine the energy map of your home and how this map relates to different aspects of your life, Feng Shui elements and how to use the relationships between the elements to harmonise energies, and the Flying Stars energy influencers for 2018. It includes a guide to creating what you want in life, explains the principles of the Law of Attraction and provides a step by step guide for how to combine Feng Shui principles with Law of Attraction principles to supercharge your manifesting power.

You can purchase a downloadable PDF copy of this 118 page book here. It’s also available in Kindle format from Amazon or Amazon Australia.