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About Me

About Kaye Hazel

I’m a Soul Nurturer, a transformational teacher and mentor, and an Angel Intuitive.

I love the beauty of nature, of rainbows and gold and crimson sunsets, of oceans and waterfalls, butterflies and dragonflies, shells and trees of all shapes and sizes, and the multitude of colours and faces of flowers. I love the smell of freshly mown grass and the soft essence of a rose. I love how everything looks and feels move alive after a thunderstorm. I love the sound of rain on my roof and of birds squawking and splashing around in the birdbaths in my garden.

I’m passionate about helping people understand, accept and love themselves and to reconnect to their heart, their true soul self, so they can find their joy and reclaim their power. I believe everyone is intuitive and can tap into their own personal guidance system and to the magic of the spiritual realms. I believe we are surrounded by signs from our guides and angels every day and they are waiting patiently for us to notice them and to have a dialogue with them. They speak to us through signs and symbols, through thoughts and feelings, through words and songs and through magical synchronicities you might call coincidences. I believe we are loved and supported more than we will ever know by the Universe, Spirit, God, Source – whatever name you like to call it.

I believe healing is possible for nothing is ever broken. We can heal old wounds from our past and heal that which is seemingly broken. I believe nature has magical healing powers.

It’s time to shine our light. We each have our unique gifts and talents to share with the world. We each have our own unique light to shine. We can turn the dial up on our light through reconnecting with our inner well of happiness, joy, love, contentment, peace and serenity that lives in our heart. Our light is dulled when we get disconnected from our heart and soul, a disconnection that usually starts in our early childhood, a disconnection we’re often not fully aware of. It’s my mission to empower others to reconnect to their hearts and to find freedom from their suffering through uncovering and releasing hidden emotions that are holding them hostage and dulling their light.

I believe there’s a reason you found me, a reason why you are reading this now. Welcome to the tribe. I am honoured you have chosen to spend time with me and this community and I look forward to getting to know you. Thank you for joining me on this crazy adventure we call life.